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Step 3 - Using Voice FX   Using the Teleprompter         Using the Editor      
Advanced Features of ePodcast Producer
1. Adding Podcasts to a Series
2. Using the Teleprompter
3. Using Voice FX
4. Using the Editor
5. Additional information on selecting FTP Hosts
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The 5 preset Voice FX keys in ePodcast Producer let you create a roomful of virtual guests with the click of a button.

The Voice FX dialog box

In order to set one of the preset buttons in the bottom right hand side of the recorder screen, click Effect Settings. The Voice FX dialog box will appear. In the left hand side of the box by Preset, select Preset 1. You are given a choice of six effects. You may choose as many of them as you wish in whatever combination you want. To enable the effect, check the box to the right of each effect.

To customize each effect to your own needs, click Change to the right of the box you have checked. A dialog box will appear giving you different choices for adapting the effect. After you have created the sound you want for each effect, click Ok.

Preset Button

When you have completed the effects you want for Preset 1, you may give it a name which will appear on the Preset 1 button on the Recording screen. (The name you choose may be up to 10 characters long.)

When you are through, click Ok to save effects on the preset button and return to screen. Repeat for each preset button.

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Adding Podcasts to a Series Using the Teleprompter Using Voice FX Using the Editor Additional information on selecting FTP Hosts Using the Teleprompter

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