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Step 5 - Additional Information for Selecting FTP Hosts   Using the Editor      
Advanced Features of ePodcast Producer
1. Adding Podcasts to a Series
2. Using the Teleprompter
3. Using Voice FX
4. Using the Editor
5. Additional information on selecting FTP Hosts
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From ePodcast Express In the FTP Host dialog box, you have three options in the Host Selection field. They are:

Custom--For all users who wish to use their existing FTP host services.
Portland--For users who have an FTP account with
(Portland is a free hosting service available upon sign-up on their home website)
LibSyn--For users who have an account with

Libsyn and Portland U.K.

For creating an account with please visit:

For creating an account with LibSyn please visit:

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Using the Editor Adding Podcasts to a Series Using the Teleprompter Using Voice FX Using the Editor Additional information on selecting FTP Hosts

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