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Step 2 - Using the Teleprompter   Adding Podcasts to a Series         Using Voice FX      
Advanced Features of ePodcast Producer
1. Adding Podcasts to a Series
2.Using the Teleprompter
3. Using Voice FX
4. Using the Editor
5. Additional information on selecting FTP Hosts
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ePodcast Producer features a convenient and easy-to-use on-screen Teleprompter.

Teleprompter Button

In order to load a text script into the teleprompter, click Show Teleprompter button at the top right hand side of the main program User Interface and an Open dialog box will appear prompting you to choose your script for the podcast. Select the text or .rtf file you wish to use by clicking on it once to highlight it; then click Open.

The text you have selected will appear in the upper waveform window on the Program user interface.

You may scroll by clicking the cursor on the slide bar to the right of the screen or by using the arrow keys to scroll up or down.

Note: You may even change the color of the background for your Teleprompter text. To do so, Before Opening teleprompter text, simply click View -> Set Colors in the Menu. Select Waveform Background and Customize, then choose the color you wish to use for the background color. Open the Teleprompter as directed.

To return to the original color, choose Default.

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Adding Podcasts to a Series Using the Teleprompter Using Voice FX Using the Editor Additional information on selecting FTP Hosts Using the Teleprompter

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