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Industrial Audio Software offers ordering via Purchase Order from qualified educational institutions and corporations.

To order by mail or fax, follow your web browser's instructions to print out this order form. Be sure to fill in the quantities of the products you want and all the pertinent data concerning your method of payment and your name and address. Please make all Checks and Money Orders in favor of Divvycast, LLC. Send this form to:

Industrial Audio Software Sales
Divvycast, LLC.
Box 189
Lopez Island, WA 98261

Alternatively, you may fax this form to us at 360-468-4844.

Please note that there is a $10.00 processing fee for purchase orders, and that payment must be received before your order is shipped or made available for online download.

If you would like to purchase more than 5 copies of one of our programs please send an email to [email protected] for pricing information.

For details on store policies, click here. Please allow at least 4-6 weeks to process your mail or fax order."

Quantity Description Price (in US$)
  ePodcast Producer 2.0 $99.95
  ePodcast Creator 2.0 $67.45
  ePodcast Creator Manual $17.95
  ePodcast Express 1.0 $19.95
  Audio Archiver Pro 1.0 $99.95
  Industrial Audio Editor 1.0 $59.95
  Industrial Audio Sound Effect Set 1 1.0 $9.95
  Industrial Audio Sound Effect Set 2 1.0 $9.95
  Free Demos on CD $0.00
  6 foot TRS (Tip Ring Sleeve) 1/4 to female XLR cable(No Returns on Clearance Item) $20.00

Shipping and Handling Method (Charges in USD)
______ Online Download: (No Shipping Charges)
______ Mail Order for software (in the US: 10.00, Canada: 14.00, International: 20.00)
______ Orders for hardware (Please see the shipping charges here)

Tax: Washington State residents must add 7.8% sales tax
Washington Tax @ 7.8%: __________

$10 PO processing fee

TOTAL (Add Carefully!)

Billing Information:
(Please type or print clearly!)

Purchase Order Number: _______________________________________
Name: _______________________________________
E-mail Address:(Important!) _____________________________________
Address: _______________________________________
City: _____________________________________
State or Province: _____________________________________
ZIP or Postal Code: ______________________
Country: ______________________
Daytime Phone:(Important!) ______________________
Special Instructions: _____________________________________



Please calculate your order carefully including tax and shipping & handling charges if applicable.

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