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Audio Archiver Pro

The easy way to log your radio broadcasts & podcasts and track the broadcasts of your competitors. Audio Archiver Pro records direct to your hard drive in PCM or compressed WMA format, schedules the recordings, allows playback, and has a silent alarm to notify you if your station goes off air.

  • Save thousands of dollars over hardware loggers or tapes
  • Archive your own station or keep track of competitors
  • Log directly to compressed WMA format or PCM
  • Schedule single recordings or daily, weekly monthly recordings
  • Off Air Alarm will send an email if your station is silent
  • OS: Win XP
  • Audio Archiver Pro

    Are you still using hardware loggers? Audio Archiver Pro does everything hardware does and more with continuous logging or scheduled logging to compressed or uncompressed files, playback, off air alarm, and built in log file cleanup. Save yourself thousands of dollars, and eliminate those boxes of tapes. Audio Archiver Pro is the efficient, cost-effective way to log.

    Audio Archiver Pro

    Do you need to keep track of competing stations? Just set up an Audio Archiver Pro installation to record them to an archive, and go back and review at your convenience. Or, if your advertisers want recorded proof of their ads, the logs from Audio Archiver Pro can be burned to audio CDs and sent off as verification. Concerned about the station going off the air when unattended? Simply set up your text messaging to go to a pager or cell phone, and have Audio Archiver Pro send a message when the output exceeds a silence length you select.

    Audio Archiver Pro
    Engineer logging broadcasts with Audio Archiver Pro

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