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(Seattle, WA  December 12, 2006) Divvycast ( ), the internet�s first podcasting portal dedicated to connecting musicians and labels with advertisers, is pleased to announce a content partnership agreement with IRIS Distribution.  With this new arrangement, Divvycast can now tap IRIS�s current roster of leading independent record labels to supply music content for the Divvycast Label Group.  The Divvycast Label Group is a collective of independent record labels that can consistently deliver advertising provided by top-notch advertisers and agencies throughout the internet, including iTunes, MySpace, and Tagworld.   
Labels that are part of this agreement will have access to the Divvycast Uploader Module, a new and innovative utility which enables them to create entire podcasts from existing songs, interviews, concerts, and DJ mixes with just a few mouse clicks.  Once uploaded to the Divvycast portal, advertisers can then join with the labels and dynamically insert advertising into those podcasts as they are streamed or downloaded across the internet.  As a result, labels will earn revenue from the ads placed into each podcast.
�The podcast is the perfect medium to deliver direct, targeted advertising to consumers,� says co-founder Bobby McFarland.  �However, until now, advertisers have been wary of connecting their brand with user-generated content.  By creating the Divvycast Label Group, we�re able to merge established, independent music labels with top-tier advertisers and assist those advertisers in delivering their message safely and securely across the highest trafficked areas on the web.� 
Since its successful launch in October, Divvycast has expanded its role in today�s market by providing all of the tools necessary for both unsigned and signed artists to generate additional revenue from their music.  In its new partnership with IRIS Distribution and the creation of the Divvycast Label Group, Divvycast establishes one more link in bridging the gap between labels and advertisers. 
About Divvycast
Divvycast, a venture wholly owned by Singing Electrons, Inc., is built on 22 years of software experience. SEI has been a leading vendor of drivers, firmware, and applications software for top-tier clients since 1984. SEI's subsidiary, Industrial Audio Software, is the creator of ePodcast Creator, winner of the Best All-Inclusive Podcasting Software Award at Portable Media Expo.  Divvycast is based in Washington State with offices in New York. 
About IRIS
IRIS is the leading digital distribution company dedicated to the successful marketing and promotion of prominent independent music and video catalogs.  Founded in 2003, IRIS provides a comprehensive suite of technical, marketing and legal services to independent record labels and physical distributors, helping them to navigate the emerging digital marketplace. IRIS currently distributes a select group of top independent record labels to digital retailers, mobile channels, as well as video outlets. IRIS is based in San Francisco, and New York.  For more information, visit .
If you�d like more information about Divvycast, or to schedule an interview, please contact:

Bobby McFarland, Co-Founder
email: [email protected]
Tom Jeffries
email: [email protected]

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